Customized Military-Duty Utility Vehicles

The IAS family of Military-Duty, All-Terrain Utility Vehicles (UTVs) are the result of a collaboration between IAS and John Deere. These UTVs are based upon the chassis and drive train of John Deere’s legendary Gator® line of UTVs. John Deere Gators are a rugged work-duty platform, built in Horicon, WI; which are then custom modified by IAS to meet unique military requirements. After modifications by IAS, the UTVs are marketed and branded by IAS as MACH(tm) (Maintenance and Cargo Hauler) UTVs. John Deere also markets these IAS-modified units as A3-T M-Gator UTVs.

To speak with someone concerning your specific requirements or for a quote, please contact: Mitch Fincher at or 919-744-7355.

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IAS MACH-1 photo


IAS MACH-2 photo


IAS MACH-1XL photo


IAS MACH-2XL photo


IAS MACH-1 S4 photo


IAS MACH-1 S4 photo