•  IAS supplies and installs conveying systems to allow manual maneuvering of cargoes.
  • The 463L pallet is 108″ x 88″ and is used extensively by the military to store and transport cargo up to 10,000 pounds in weight.
  • A typical 463L pallet conveyor system may consist of:
  • a. gravity roller conveyor (GRC) – a series of rollers that allow a pallet to be rolled forward or backward and can interface with 10K forklifts and K-loaders.
  • b. ball transfer deck – allows maneuvering of a pallet in any direction, as well as rotation of a pallet with or within the system.
  • Each system is designed for the intended mission and building facility using standard size components for the majority of the system.
  • With this system, it only takes a force of 250 pounds to push a 10,000 pound pallet.  The system requires very little maintenance.