V-22 IAT Certified

Extended Cargo Bed

The MACH-2 UTV with all of its Military Grade features is NOW AVAILABLE in an EXTENDED CARGO BED version: MACH-2XL. Customized specifically to be transportable in the highly constricted interior dimensions of the V-22 Osprey Airframe

  • Same features as standard cargo bed MACH-2
  • Tested and IAT Certified by the US Marines for transport via V-22 Airframe.
  • Cargo Bed:  56” width by 81” length
  • 80% more cargo space than the basic MACH-2.
  • The length and area of the MACH-1XL Cargo Bed rivals full-size pickups
  • The 56” width of the MACH-1XL is fully available for use, unhindered by wheel wells.
  • Meets MIL-STD-209K
  • Full list of features and specs available upon request
  • Stake Bed side rails with tailgate available as a standard option
  • Deluxe Cab versions available (will not fit inside V-22)
  • Contact IAS for other customized-just-for-you features and configurations

Download the MACH-2XL Product Information Sheet

IAS MACH-2XL Utility Vehicle Driver's Side View