International Automated Systems has been a general contractor constructing storage facilities and material handling equipment for the US Government for over 25 years. IAS has various types of material handling and storage systems located on military bases worldwide. IAS has two main categories of material handling and storage equipment. First, the EAFTSS material handling equipment consists of storage racks and conveyors designed by IAS for the express purpose of moving and storing empty aircraft fuel tanks. To house and protect the EAFTSS, IAS offers shelters exclusively provided and installed by BlueScope Construction. Second, IAS designs and installs equipment to handle pallets in air cargo facilities. All of IAS’ equipment is per Government specifications.

International Automated Systems is classified as a small business by the DOD. To enhance IAS’ product line and to provide larger companies with GSA Federal Supply Contracts to offer their products for solicitations restricting business size, IAS has partnered with BlueScope Construction, Turnbull, and Connors Sport Court. This partnership benefits the military by enabling IAS and its partners to offer more products at the best pricing.