The IAS family of, All-Terrain Utility Vehicles (UTVs) are the result of a collaboration between IAS and John Deere. These UTVs are based upon the chassis and drive train of John Deere’s legendary Gator® line of UTVs. John Deere Gators are a rugged work-duty platform, built in Horicon, WI; which are then custom modified by IAS to meet their unique customer requirements.

After modifications by IAS, the UTVs are marketed and branded by IAS as MACH™ (Maintenance and Cargo Hauler) UTVs. John Deere also markets these IAS-modified Special Application Vehicles (SAV’s).

To speak with someone concerning your specific requirements or for a quote, please contact: Mitch Fincher at or 919-744-7355.

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Military Vehicles

IAS Military Grade Vehicle

Special Application Vehicles

IAS Special Application Vehicle

Commercial Long Bed

IAS MACH1XL Commercial Long Bed